Who fixes roads in subdivisions?

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Did you know that what you drive on everyday matters? Road deterioration leads to potholes and cracks that can be dangerous to drive on. Because of this, it is important that the roads in your subdivision obtain some form of upkeep. With that in mind, the question stands, who fixes roads in subdivisions?

Private vs. Public Roads

Were you aware that there are two entirely different kinds of roads? Private and public roads, although similar in their material and construction, each fall under a completely different jurisdiction. Private roads typically exist in gated communities and sometimes go off the beaten path. They are usually installed as a pathway to a house that is far away from the surface road. 

On the other hand, public roads are open to anyone’s usage. These can both exist in neighborhoods but are generally associated with the surface road. Because public roads are more taxing to maintain, it should not come as a surprise that they are lower quality than private roads. 

Who is in Charge of Private Road Maintenance?

The person or people in charge of a private road is determined by a few factors. Ask yourself the question, who installed it and who is using it? For example, if a road was built by a homeowner specifically to create a path to their house, then the homeowner would be in charge of it. If the roads were built by the neighborhood association and are used by everyone in the community, then the association will take care of them. 

Who is in Charge of Public Road Maintenance?

Public road maintenance falls under the jurisdiction of a governing authority. This could mean city, county, state, etc. Public roads require more upkeep than private ones since they are driven over more. Because of this, they are worked on more; however, they are often made less durable to save costs. 

How is a Road Maintenance Company Determined?

As mentioned before, it is up to the neighborhood association or the people staying in residence to decide who fixes roads in subdivisions. If you are unhappy with your residence’s current road state, then you should consider voicing your concerns. The last thing you want is a company that is going to cut corners when laying down your pavement; what you drive on matters, so you should make sure that you are being taken care of by an honest company. 

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