Who maintains subdivision sidewalks?

neighborhood sidewalks

If you have a sidewalk that connects to your home, then you want to make sure that it is properly maintained. Despite this, it is not always clear if that responsibility falls to you or the homeowner’s association. If you live in a subdivision, then you need to get clarity on who is supposed to maintain the sidewalks. Let’s go over some of the fundamentals so you can take the proper steps to keep your neighborhood safe and well-maintained.

Is the sidewalk next to your house your property?

Depending on where you live, the sidewalk next to your house is your property. If this is the case, then you will have to maintain it. Here’s how you can know if you are in charge of your sidewalk or not.

Place of Residence

If you live in a city, then chances are you are not going to have to worry about the sidewalk by your home. More often than not, the city pays a company to come by and take care of it for you. Although this is convenient, this also means that you do not own the sidewalk.

If you live in a town or a suburb, then there is a chance that you are in charge of the sidewalk by your residence. If this is the case, then it is important that you take the steps to maintain it. Letting it deteriorate guarantees that your home’s value will cheapen as time goes on. On top of this, cracks and warps can be dangerous to anyone walking along your house. Next time you go to repair your driveway, make sure that you are addressing any issues in your sidewalk as well.

Contacting Your Homeowner’s Association

If you are unsure about whether or not a sidewalk is your responsibility, then contact your homeowner’s association. You are just one quick call away from clarity, so don’t assume it is one or the other. If you assume wrong, you may cause problems for yourself if you start messing with a property that is not under your control.

It is important to note that even if an outside company does patch up your sidewalk for you, that does not mean they will do everything. For example, some companies forgo laying down salt in the winter to melt the snow. If this is something that is going to bother you, then you will want to make sure that you are taking care of it yourself. Shoveling and laying down salt is a quick way to prevent any accidents from occurring. On top of that, it will help the overall condition of the sidewalk.

Paving a Driveway that Compliments Your Sidewalk

If you have a sidewalk that connects to your driveway, then you should consider investing in a pavement that compliments it. If the sidewalk is asphalt or concrete, then pouring the matching pavement down is going to increase your home’s curb appeal.

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