Factors to Consider When Planning a Commercial Asphalt Paving Project

Factors to Consider When Planning a Commercial Asphalt Paving Project

It might not seem like a big deal, but a well-done commercial asphalt paving project can actually be a huge asset to your business. Consider how a well-paved parking lot can impact your customer. Not only does it increase the accessibility to your building, but it makes the commercial property look more appealing. These factors create a more positive experience for the customer, increasing their confidence in your business. While customer satisfaction is an obvious benefit, there are many factors that need to be taken into account when considering commercial paving services. Read further to discover what factors you should consider before you start your commercial asphalt paving project.

1. The Customer

When you begin working with commercial asphalt paving services, you need to think about your customer. How will this project affect the traffic for the commercial property? How much space is needed for customers to park their vehicles? Also, what does the flow of traffic look like, and how can you ensure safety for your customers when visiting? While a poorly planned parking lot can decrease the likelihood that a customer will revisit the property, a well-planned lot can have the opposite effect.

Creating a plan is an important first step. Make sure you also keep ADA guidelines in mind to ensure accessibility and functionality are at the forefront of the project. The goal of the new project is to enhance the commercial property and an intuitive plan ensures that objective is met.

2. The Limitations

There are many factors that go into a commercial paving project, so it is important to keep potential limitations in mind. Some elements to consider are the type and accessibility of materials. You will likely be using an asphalt mix, so knowing which is available to you is imperative. The budget for the project is another important factor and can play a role in the materials used and the commercial asphalt paving contractors you choose to work with.

The location of your project can have a significant impact on the timeline and outcome of the pavement. Having an idea of what the local weather conditions will be like during the entirety of your project should also be acknowledged.

It is crucial to know all of the available options for your project. Depending on the damage to the current pavement, the age and stability of it, and the care the pavement has received, there might be different suggestions for how to proceed. For instance, you might find you just need asphalt patching, or you could discover you need to completely strip the pavement. Being aware of various limitations will help you made the best possible decisions during the duration of your project.

3. The Professionals

The people you work with throughout your commercial asphalt paving project should be dependable. It is important that they are able to answer any questions that might arise and can provide direction when needed. You could be working with them for a while depending on the length of the project so ensure you trust and get along with them before you start.

The commercial asphalt paving service you work with should also have an idea of the laws and regulations that need to be followed for your project. You should familiarize yourself with these as well, so you can collect the necessary documentation before beginning your project.

Prepping yourself with knowledge before you begin your commercial asphalt paving project will lead to appropriate expectations and a better outcome for everyone involved! Before you begin, make sure you’ve spent time thinking about your customer, limitations, and professionals, so that your project can be completed safely and efficiently.

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