How much does restriping cost?

restriping parking lot

A parking lot’s stripes often go underappreciated by those who rely on them. Despite this, they are always missed when they are not around due to the order that they bring to the property’s parking spaces. Knowing the boundaries that you need to fit your vehicle into helps optimize space and prevents car owners from parking too close to each other. All of these things and more are reasons to restripe a parking lot if it is fading. So how much does restriping cost? Let’s find out!

What to Expect When Striping a Parking Lot

Before starting this project, you want to make sure that you have the ability to seal off the parking lot. Having someone drive through it when the line’s paint is still wet can result in having to redo the whole project.

Fortunately, striping a parking lot does not take longer than 1-2 days to get done. Once everything is squared away, all you have to do is paint the lot and let it sit for around 4 hours. You will want to schedule the process on a day that is clear and warm. It is no secret that painting in the rain is going to produce less than desirable results. 

Factors that Impact the Pricing

There are many different things to consider when evaluating the cost of a job like this. The size of your parking lot is the biggest factor in determining the price. For example, 50 parking spaces tend to cost $350 – $800, whereas 100 parking spaces cost $700 – $1600.

The thickness of the lines that you want to be painted greatly affects the cost of restriping. 4in lines require less paint and time than 12in lines; however, their performance will not be nearly as strong. The thicker your lines are, the easier it will be for drivers to see the boundaries. It also allows there to be more space present between each vehicle. This means that the fender benders are less likely to happen.

Other factors that impact the pricing of restriping include the amount of curbing in a lot, the number of light pole bases that need to be painted around, and how many handicap spaces you are going to put in. 

Getting a Quote

If you are unsure how much a project like this is going to run, you can rest assured knowing that getting a quote on restriping is quick and easy! All you have to do is contact a service provider near you and schedule a day where they can assess the situation. Once you have done this, you will be well on your way to obtaining a parking lot that is both visually appealing and functional. 

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